Managing Linen Utilization Through Smart Purchasing Decisions in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is tasked with delivering a comfortable and luxurious experience for its guests. Providing a quality experience relies heavily on the availability of necessary supplies; one of the most important of these being hotel linens. In order to ensure that guests are facing no shortages and to ensure that costs are kept at a reasonable level, it is important for hotel owners and managers to maximize linen utilization through smart purchasing decisions. This white paper will examine the key principles and strategies of linen utilization to help hotel owners and managers improve their purchasing decisions.

Understanding Linen Utilization

Linen utilization can be broken down into two distinct categories – purchasing and managing. Purchasing is the process of selecting quality linens at a cost-effective price point. Managing is the process of optimizing the utilization of purchased linens, including washing, repair, and recycling. Both of these elements of linen utilization must be taken into account when making purchasing decisions.

Purchasing Considerations

It is important to consider both quality and quantity. Quality is determined by a variety of factors, including; thread count, fabric blend, colorfastness, and fire safety ratings. Quantity is determined by the number of rooms in the hotel, as well as the amount of turn around time available. Additionally, it is important to compare different suppliers to find the best prices for quality products. Most hotels have branded linen, but in a pinch UHS Linen can provide other high-quality options for linen purchases.

Managing Considerations

When it comes to managing linens, there are several aspects to consider. First, washing cycles should be determined to ensure that linens are fresh and sanitary. Second, regular stain removal treatments should be implemented to avoid issues. Finally, take advantage of linen recycling programs to reduce waste and cost.


Linen utilization is an important part of running a successful hotel. Maximizing linen utilization requires careful consideration of purchasing and managing decisions. Purchasing must be done with considerations for quality, quantity, and cost. Managing must be done with considerations for washing and stain removal for reclamation. Following these principles can help hotel owners and managers make smart purchasing decisions, maximizing their linen utilization and reducing their cost.