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Solutions for On-Premise Laundry Outsourcing


Hotel on-premise laundries (OPL) are expensive to operate.

To run an on-premise laundry, hotels incur additional expenses like:

  • Capex expenses

  • Maintenance

  • Natural Gas, electricity and water

  • Chemicals

  • Labor

  • Training

  • Taxes and Benefits

  • Workman comp claims

  • Insurance

  • Equipment Depreciation

Variable vs fixed costs

There are certain costs associated with a hotel on-premise laundry that can’t be avoided regardless of occupancy level.


In low occupancy periods, the cost to process a pound of linen increases as it is difficult for hotels to flex their cost structure to match the processing needs


  • Outsourcing allows the hotel to pay only for occupied rooms

  • Accurate budgeting-based occupancy- fixed cost

Eliminate the need to manage labor based on occupancy

Capital Expenditure

Processing linen requires state of the art equipment and continued capital expenditure.


Outsourcing eliminates the need for CAPEX


Other Benefits Include

  • Reduce fixed cost

  • Reduced risk of service interruptions

  • Reduced risk of safety & fire hazards

  • Free up space that could generate revenue

  • Focus on core business & guest satisfaction 

  • Increased productivity, quality and linen life

  • Green & Sustainable

  • Flexibility

Do you know your true laundry cost?

Whether you require​ rental or ​own your linen (COG), ​we have the single most effective customer-designed, quality-assured, and worry-free plan in the industry. 

Use our Cost Analysis Tool at the button below to calculate your savings

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